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Jake Gyllenhall in Source Code
Jake Gyllenhall
The small ensemble cast of Source Code works carefully through writer Ben Ripley's "wrinkle in time" scenario and manages to keep audiences engaged in the retelling of the last eight minutes of the doomed train ride largely through the efforts of Jake Gyllenhall who brings a comic edge to an increasingly desperate role. The audience experiences every action sequence through his eyes and comes to feel as trapped in another man's body as the actor finds himself once he comes to accept that he must keep reliving the devastating train wreck unless he alone can stop it.

Michelle Monghan in Source Code
Michelle Monghan
Bringing the human heart into the a hardcore sci-fi thriller is Michelle Monghan's performance as Christina Warren, a lovely young woman who represents the promise of the future for young Captain Stevens as he comes to realize his mission is as much about saving Chicago is it is giving his own life a happier ending with Christina.

As with any action-packed movie, much of the drama depends upon the characters behind the scenes as they reveal their own agendas and work to aid or thwart the hero's progress. The puppet masters of Source Code are Air Force Captain Coleen Goodwin (Vera Farmiga) and the scientist behind the time travel device Dr. Rutledge (Jeffrey Wright). Working together to manipulate their ardent time traveler, they gradually reveal what has transpired in the young Army helicopter pilot's life that brought him into the project in the first place.

Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright in Source Code
Vera Farmiga and Jeffrey Wright
The elements of scientific experimentation, of the shady military industrial complex and the hidden agendas of each of the movie's characters give Source Code such emotional appeal. The audience comes to embrace the twin plights of the doomed time traveler as much in his current "real" life as a dutiful soldier as we do in his desperate superhero role with the lovely Christina and the passengers on the train.
Director: Duncan Jones
Producers: Mark Gordon
Jordan Wynn
Philippe Rousselet
Writer: Ben Ripley
Starring Jake Gyllenhaal
Michelle Monaghan
Vera Farmiga
Jeffrey Wright
Music: Chris P. Bacon
Cinematography: Don Burgess
Editing: Paul Hirsch
Studio: The Mark Gordon Company
Vendôme Pictures
Distributor: Summit Entertainment
Release date:
  • April 1, 2011 (United States)
  • April 20, 2011 (France)
Running time: 93 minutes


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